I Challenge You

I Challenge You. Get Inspired get motivated video. Are you battling and struggling on making decisions in your life? Are you ready to start taking control and living your life? Take the challenge today!


Dress For Success | College Student Edition | Get Inspired

In this video my son is sharing how to dress for success for male college students. Get Inspired!

Happy Mother’s Day | A Letter To My Mom | Get Inspired

Happy Mother’s Day, this video is dedicated to my mother. Get inspired by the message for Mother’s Day.

A Glimpse Of My Life

I am sharing a short glimpse of my life. Follow me around and Get inspired by the inspiring words displayed throughout the video. Enjoy my day in life vlog!

Law Of Attraction Affirmations

Law of attraction affirmations. Write down your goals, visions, and your dreams. Put the list on your bedroom mirror, bathroom mirror, or in a private place. Take a couple of minutes before you leave your home and declare it over your life.