Don’t Complisult Me!

A backhanded compliment. When one makes a statement to another that is part compliment, part insult. An compliment mixed with an insult, neither hidden.  An insult worded in the form of a compliment, or an accidental insult meant to be a compliment.


6 thoughts on “Don’t Complisult Me!

    1. I realized for a long time I had friends, family members and co-workers that would use backhanded comments towards me. I learned over the years that you can’t change people on how they feel about and see you. I learned to turn a negative comment into a positive one. Once you do that they no longer have power over you. Thank you for following and liking!

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  1. Love it, so glad it has a name! Being around people like that to me, feels like being around a smiling octopus. They’re smiling to your face and trying to pull you down from behind. Thank you for this video

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